Kitui East MP Calls For Dialogue Between County Assembly And Executive

Kitui East MP, Hon Nimrod Mbai

Kitui East parliamentarian Nimrod Mbai has welcomed the move by some leaders who are calling for the dialogue between the County Assembly and the County Executive to amicably resolve the pressing issues that have continued to rise the political temperatures within the county.

This comes few days after the MCAs had threatened to eject the Governor from the office over the grounds of misappropriation of the funds, abuse of office among other issues.

Mbai has said that the county chief has greatly failed to deliver services to Kitui people who voted her in for the last 3 years she has been in office.

Mbai added that it was big mistake by the Governor to divert the funds to KICOTEC where he has raised the query over whereabouts of the generated revenue.

Noting the governors words that “Development is not brick and mortar,” the MP has slammed the governor for diverting the funds for road,hospitals and borehole drilling projects to KCHIC, Cattle Upgrading, Textile and House Fumigation programs which all have terribly failed yielding no fruits.

The MP has added that the money generated from the clothing factory for making Chiefs uniforms and the face masks can’t be greatly relied upon to develop the county.

He has said that Ngilu has never initiated any new borehole project, saying that she only repairs the ones that were constructed by the former Governor or the defunct municipalities.

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