Kasolo takes on Myello in new supremacy war

Stephen Kasolo vs Justus Myello

For the longest time now, Kasolo famously referred to as Kitole and Justus Myello have ‘chini ya maji’ and indirectly been trolling each other on social media.

In an emotional Facebook post the singer referred to Justus Myello as his Deputy in what sounded like a warning to his latest release Kesho Yangu

Kesho yangu Published on Jul 4, 2020: In less than 48 hours the hit song has already attracted over 20k views on YouTube.

Today my deputy has dropped hi first SECULAR SONG!! Myello Myello Myello nimekuita mara ngapi??👇👇👇👇👇👇https://youtu.be/Rzz3xyg5twc

Posted by Stephen Kasolo Kitole on Saturday, July 4, 2020

Kasolo’s post got a mixed reactions as a section of his followers opposed while others supported him.

In support online users termed Myello’s latest release as an encouragement song and thst there was no secular aspect.

Those of different opinion felt that Myello was slowly joining Secular artists, backsliding.

Geoffrey Mutisya: I love all Kamba gospels artists but your songs inspires me alot but learn to appreciate and motivate each other, But Myello l know You like preaching in different styles but try to stay in the gospel lane

Castarlitoh Mwema: Hehee actually it’s a good song portraying a message of Hope I haven’t seen any secular content …congratulations myello

Mwiks Mteule: Musicians should be prayerful . Missing the mark for them is easy. Myellos song is not a Gospel song. He is losing his direction slowly to secularism. Be ye filled by the Holy Spirit who can rebuke

Karooster Carlos: Don’t judge before watching, its a great gospel inspiring song

Dashie Ndanu: Very nice song ….he need collabo with Diamond …. congratulations to myello …

Agnes Blessing: Hopefully the spirit of God will work on him. He started well with inspiring songs but he is no longer the myello who used to bless my soul.

MC Stanley: That’s not secular .!

Justus Myello – Kesho Yangu
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