See what Kasalu’s lover told Governor Ngilu


In Ngilu’s latest PR stand where she offered to pay medical fees for Pendo Masonga, a 20 year, Tanzanian National who has a growth on her mouth.

Today, while moving through Nairobi, I met Ms. Pendo Masonga, a 20 year old Tanzanian National who has what appears to…

Posted by Charity Kaluki Ngilu on Thursday, July 9, 2020

The biggest irony is paying for the surgery with a condition that it has to be done in Kitui, more than 180Km away leaving Kenyatta Hospital which has advanced facility.

Here are some of the comments.

Edwin Kipkemoi: Thank you ooh,but remember nothing will prevent your impeachment not even your cheap generosity.

Benjamin Mwangangi, Kasalu’s husband: Mama Kituians are not stupid as you think… Stop shows

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