Senatorial aspirant want Ngilu to Equip Mwingi Level four Hospital

The 27 years old was killed at the hospital as his sister watched.

My attention is drawn by the state of Mwingi Level 4 hospital. I expected that hospital to be fully equipped with the health docket having been devolved to the county government and considering that the acting minister and the deputy governor comes from the region.

I am however dissappointed to learn that the hospital has either no equipments or there is no personal to operate the machinery or equipment which may be available (if any) is at all.

No specialist to do easy and short procedures like Endoscopy and CT scans, and many specialized procedures, x-rays machines produce poor quality images which cannot be interpreted by anyone else from a different facility.

It is regrettable to note the time taken for one to be admitted or attended to even if they are emergency cases, many “common people” as many of us are called cannot afford private medical facilities in the town.

Refferals are made to Muthale and Kitui hospital, which are equally problematic. Recently we had cases of people infected by Kalzaar being referred to Garissa and other county hospitals elsewhere.

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Is it because the county receives less share than other counties, if not then why is the hospital in a state of shame?

Is the county government in a position to deliver the promises made especially on health? If not, why? Are we having less people than “people” in that region?

It’s is a sad state of affairs and i have a feeling that we as a people deserve better. I am in pain having lost a relative out of negligence and laxity by the staff and the failure of the minister or ministry to stand up to the call of health.

This statement is not political but we will demand better services as “common men and women” because we deserve better, i and many of us may be dissatisfied but we can and will do what we can, critic when and where necessary.

Governor Ngilu and Hon. Minister health, we demand better, we will not tire in asking you to do what is good and necessary. We will talk even in the midst of criticism but only that which makes us better.

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I am not seeking to become an enemy of the “state” but i am driven by goodwill and nothing more. I hope other regions including Mutomo and “ndee nation” are not in the same state of affairs.


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