OPINION:Governor Ngilu ‘raped’ Kitui County residents

Charity Ngilu with his supporters, including Patrick Makasi

Kitui residents two years ago were politically dubbed.

In a move correct the political mistakes that saw her lose the senatorial contest in 2013 to Kitui Senator David Musila she promised what her love for money cannot let her achieve.

To mention few promises Governor Ngilu made to Nzangi and Musangi of Kitui and seem not to take place.

  1. She promised to facilitate those who dropped out of school due to school fees or early pregnancy back to school.
  2. Ndengu Revolution – this song made her get a good number of votes from farmers. With a promise to see farmers pocket Ksh 100 per kg, Governor Ngilu oversaw the same farmers pocket Ksh 30 per kilo.
  3. Value addition to our traditional brew, Kaluvu has not materialized to date.
  4. YouthYouth and women empowerment – Kitui residents are yet to see this fully implemented as it’s used to ensure Ngilu’s trusted cabinet pocket taxpayers money in the name of youth empowerment.
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