Ngilu joins leaders in condemning Sudi, Ng’eno remarks on Mama Ngina


Saturday, September 12, 2020

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has called on leaders to shun insults and politick with “soberness”. The Governor called ons leaders to restrain from using abusive language. It is “crazy and uncouth” to hurl insults to the respectful Founding First Lady,” said Ngilu.

The Governor further warned residents on the Tangatanga brigade who she says were engaging in early politics and undermining implementation of President Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda.”When they bring money here, take it and let them go back to wherever they came from,” she said.

Her remarks come at a time when sections of groups in the country were pressing DP Ruto to apologize for what they termed as offensive insults by his allies.

She was speaking in Kitui town today while launching the improvement of the Genery – Kaveta B7 road in Kitui town.

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