Another Kitui County Minister axed by the Assembly


The motion on adoption of the Report by the Special Committee on the proposed removal from office of the County Executive Committee Member for County Ministry of Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Eng. Jacob Kakundi has been passed by the House tonight.

The motion was moved by Hon. Esther Ndile (Jubilee Nominated) and was seconded by Hon. Frederick Nthuri (Tharaka Ward). The debate which was extended past 6:30pm garnered overwhelming support from majority of the members who contributed it.

However, other Honorable Members opposed the contents of the report.

After the Speaker, Hon. George Ndotto, was satisfied that the Motion was adequately debated and in accordance with Standing Order 64(3), he called upon the legal counsel of the CECM, Mr. Musyoki Kimanthi, to answer issues raised in the debate.

Thereafter the mover of the motion, Hon. Ndile was called upon to reply. After the division, 33 members voted YES while 21 members voted NO.

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Eng. Kakundi was removed on the following grounds:

  1. Gross violation of the Constitution and other relevant laws by; (a) Overseeing unprocedural awarding of bush clearing tenders to contractors and using local women and youth to work in the contractors’ absentia. Some were paid and others up to date were not paid. (b)Failing to implement Assembly resolutions by refusing to; i. Procure services for the projects within the 2018/2019 CLIDP.ii. Implement the Motion on Regulation and Management of Street Trade (hawking) and Boda Boda operators in Kitui and Mwingi.iii. Implement the Motion on County Importance of bush clearing.c. Discriminative issuance of dozer services to a few selected wards for the last 3 financial years despite demand from other wards.d. Failing to provide the Assembly with full and regular reports on matters relating to the County Ministry.e. Violation of the County Procurement Procedures by;i. Awarding tenders for bush clearing unprocedurally and misusing Kitui residents to work for the contractors without pay.ii. Awarding tenders for bush clearing to contractors and then using Ward and Village Administrators to perform the role of the contractors in the contracted works.
  2. Incompetence – failure to effectively control county ministry programs e.g. Bush clearing and road grading works were done shoddily and beyond stipulated timelines.
  3. Abuse of office – using County Administrators to perform the role of contractors in contracted work without facilitation.
  4. Gross misconduct – Blatantly misleading the Assembly Sectoral Committee on Lands, Infrastructure and Urban Development on the involvement of Village Administrators in the recruitment of personnel for the contracted bush clearing project by providing contradictory information on the same.
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