Feareless youths tell it all to Governor Ngilu on whatsapp


As Kitui County joins other 46 counties in celebrating win win formula for revenue sharing Governor Ngilu congratulated her Senator.

Well done Hon Senator Wambua and God bless you and your entire Team Kenya. Kindly also join me in not only spending the money but also creating more wealth for Kitui and jobs for our youth as this can form a good basis for capital” Governor Ngilu posted

Kitui Online (WhatsApp) users got a chance to throw Hardcore questions/views to Kitui Governor, H.E Charity Ngilu.

Mattermatizer: Excuse us please. Leo ndio umejua kama Kiio anaeza kuhelp kucreate wealth and employment for youths? This is exactly what you did last election. U pretended to support SKM tukakupea kura zetu. Is this your comeback?????You never consulted Kiio wen u were setting up Kikoteki at syongila, Kiio was still doing his oversight role wen u were setting up stone crusher worthy 50M at Yatta kwa Vonza. Pretenders are worse than murderers.I’m sorry to tell you that 2022 nobody will listen to you. Tosheka na chenye umeloot.Enjoy your weekend too

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Mwangangi: If sofar Kicotec can’t sustain itself there must be something wrong in the management. What was the essence of corporation bill initiated by executive n approved by assembly that dictates only 3 consecutive financial years support then self reliance?

Moha: There is no need of evaluating where our region is going politically because we need every elected leader to perform his or her own mandate simply because 2022 we won’t vote any leader based on whether he support Kalonzo or not.Again you need to reshuffle your cabinet and COs and fire some.Some are not helping you at all.

Mattermatizer: Your Excellency where was Kiio wen you were launching Ndengu revolution? (Kiutani Kya uthui) was he doing his oversight role? Madam Ngavana where was Kiio and youths wen you were appointing over 50 yrs old wazees to be members of public service board? Kitui CEO where was Kiio wen u were appointing your daughter to be your secretary???Come on my dear, kabla usikie venye Kiio atakwambia si kwanza ulipe wanarika wenye wanateseka.

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