The Kitui County executive and the Assembly have reached a truce on the budget stalemate


Following a long day meeting attended by Governor Charity Ngilu, Speaker George Ndoto and Assembly’s budget committee members.

This paves way for the Kitui County Assembly to debate and pass the memorandum of the Governor with the agreed amendments.

Governor Ngilu and Speaker Ndoto in a joint address to the representatives of the workers noted that they will work closely to complete the budgetary process to unlock the disbursement of the funds.

The two leaders were addressing a peaceful procession of employees at the Agricultural Training College in Kitui town. The employees were demanding the payment of the delayed salaries.

Governor Ngilu regretted the stalemate, noting that she understands the suffering of the workers following the delayed payment of salaries.

Speaker George Ndoto assured the employees that the assembly had agreed with the Executive and “they had reached harmonized negotiations” to end the tussle.

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