Kitui: County ministry procures fuel worth 12 million in a day


Ngilu led administration is at it again.

The ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, LIHUD under the leadership of impeached Eng Jacob Kakundi procured Diesel and petrol worth Ksh 12,000,000/- in a single day.

Local Purchase Order, LPOs seen by KituiOnline On 6th March 2018 through four LPOs (2656708, 2656709, 2656710, 2656711) County Government of Kitui through LIHUD purchased fuel worth 12 million.

Six days later on 12th March 2018 Petrol/diesel worth KES 2,000,000 was purchased through LPO No. 2656712.

A month later, April through 4 LPOs (2656739, 2656740, 2656741, 2656744) a purchase totaling to KES 12,000,000 was made.

In the month of May through LPO No (2656746, 2656747) another purchase worth KES 5.5 Million was made.

In a period of three months County Ministry of LIHUD made a purchase of KES 34,600,000/=.

This brings in few questions:-

1. How many vehicles are in the said ministry.

2. Storage capability for the two petrol station to have fuel worth 12 million stored there.

3. Why is Eng Kakundi always meeting one of the supplier at his petrol station at midnight (wee hours)

This orchestrated alleged theft was exposed by Yatta/Kwa vonza ward MCA Hon John Kisangau aka Mbaki Mbaki.

Sources within the government and the affected petrol station who sought anonymity told KituiOnline that cash was being taken from the petrol station by County officials to unknown destination.

The loot was done through two suppliers, Kanda petrol station and Umoja Mwingi petrol Station

Who will save us (Kitui), it’s clear that EACC won’t act?

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