List of 16 water projects in Nuu ward courtesy of Mbee Nzei leadership

Mutua promises clean piped water in the villages.

1. Equipping of kavondo borehole with solar system-wingemi village

2. Kwa kilonzi kalekye sand dam

3.Ngomano sand dam-wingemi village

4. Engamba hand pump-wingemi village

5.Yongoni Hand pump-nguuni village

6. Mbia Hand pump-mwambiu village

7. Kawala hand pump-mutyangome village

8. Kavuti/mwambiu borehole-nyaani village

9.Yatwa borehole-nguuni village

10. Wingemi wind mill borehole-wingemi village

11. Rehabilitation Of Nguka Imwe Bore Hole-nyaani village

12.Supply & Installation Of 2 10,000cubic Meters) Water Tanks At Nyaani Dispensary-nyaani village

13. Rehabilitation Of Ngililya Shallow Well-Nuu village

14. Expanding And Fencing Of Kavindu Rock Catchment-wingemi village

15. Excavation Of Kathumula Earth Dam-nguuni village

16. Construction of Katiliku mega earth dam-Mwambiu villageMheshimiwa Kawaya, stop blowing cold and hot.

Confirm these water projects have been done since 2017

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