We are sorry! Why Mwingi Central residents camped at Joe Mutambu’s home to apologize


Hundreds of locals from all walks of Mwingi Central sub county in Kitui in unison matched and camped at former MP’s residence in a bid to apologize to the former legislator.

Led by Nuu ward Rep, Alex Musili, alias Kawaya, the locals surprisingly showed up at Mutambu’s home, in Nuu for two main reasons

First, they sought forgiveness from ex legislator for not voting for him to retain Mwingi Central seat and

secondly, they pleaded with him to clear the air on whether he will be on the ballot come 2022.

The resident especially those who come from Nuu decried neglect by the current leadership, urging the former MP to come to their rescue.

In unison they promised they will vote him (Mutambu) in. Regreting not voting him in in 2017 general elections, they lamented on making a wrong choice which has since costed them developments.

The youths decried unemployment while the elderly said they hardly receive money for elderly, while the disabled also said they have been sidelined and never receive money for disabled.Mca Kawaya on his side said he only did what his electorates asked of him.

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“I have been receiving phone calls from all corners of Nuu and Kitui at large who wanted me to lead them to Joe’s home and air out their grievances to them, I did exactly what they wanted,” narrated Kawaya.

When he stood to address the locals, the man of the hour amid ullulations did not disappoint the constituents.

Mutambu assured his voters that God willing, he will be on the ballot.

“I am surprised by your visit and I will not turn you down, I will be on the ballot,” he confirmed.

He also promised to carry on with his developmental agendas once he ascents to the throne.

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