All eyes on the president as COVID-19 cases surge


Cases of COVID-19 in the country have continued to increase each new day. This curve has prompted the president to call for a key meeting with stakeholders to review the containment measures of the pandemic.

The council of governors has called for tougher measures including the cessation of movement and prolonged curfew hours. However the national treasury led by Ukurr Yattan has maintained that the country cannot afford to close the economy again. Traders nationwide have also maintained this stance owing to the fact that they stand to lose more.

Partial lockdown

Kenya had been on a partial lockdown since the first corona case was reported on March until August when the curve went down and seemed promising. This almost flattening curve prompted the president to ease restriction measures and re opened entertainment joints and schools partially.

The trend in the ever rising curve is worrying and there have been speculations of a looming second wave of the pandemic and which could be more scary than the first wave. Already, some countries like France have already entered the second wave and re introduced lockdowns as a way to curb the spread.

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Shut down school operations

Since the president reopened schools for the candidates, there have been several cases reported in some schools and this trend is worrying. The parents are widely concerned about the safety of their children in school and think it would be better if the children stayed home until the disease is contained.

Speaking to, a parent whose son is at a school which recorded high cases recently, the parent expressed her concern over her son’s safety. “I am deeply saddened by the state of affairs, the ministry of education should shut all schools immediately and send our children home for their safety. Only God will help us in this,” said the parent.

Kenyans are eager to hear what the president will say about the current situation in the country. Business people across the country are only hoping that the president will not close down the economy again as they had already started recovering from the recent disruptions.

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By Fredrick Maithya.

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