No more BBI rallies; curfew to continue until 3rd January as curfew hours are revised in new order.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today assented the banking amendment act 2015 to favour MPs and common mwananchi.

The president of the republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta has finally made his much awaited address on the state of COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Addressing the nation from state house, Uhuru has made some drastic changes on the containment measures followed.


A rule has been imposed on masks that makes it compulsory for everyone to wear a mask wherever they want to be served. Masks prevent the splashes of saliva and other body fluids that may come out of the body while speaking from making contact with other people.


The nationwide dawn to dusk curfew has been extended to 3rd January next year and the hours revised. The curfew now will start at 10pm to 4 in the morning starting tonight. This has come as good news to many people who feared that the curfew may be adjusted to start at 7pm.

Isolation centers

The COVID-19 isolation centers will now be managed by the devolved governments. All the county bosses will be responsible for the running of the isolation centers. This comes amidst claims by some of the people that devolving the isolation center management to governors will bring more looting.

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Political rallies and gatherings

All political gatherings and rallies have been banned for the next 60 days as the country tries to manage the corona crisis. This means that the BBI rallies won’t continue anytime soon. Once again reggae has been stopped by the pandemic. Lastly, bars and restaurants will close by 9pm in the revised rule. Earlier they had been allowed to operate up to 10pm. This calls for all revelers to always start their parties in time lest they got caught in the rush hour by the boys in blue.

By Fredrick Maithya.

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