From CMC, Toyota Kenya to Kanda service station

One of Kitui county government vehicles

Not for quality reasons or local empowerment but for obvious reasons County Government of Kitui imposed a directive inform of an internal memo that all county vehicles ‘must’ be serviced at one of Kitui’s local Station.

According to information from a reliable source within Ngilu’s administration is that the move is to create a panya route to siphon County resources.

County vehicles and machineries are serviced at kanda petrol station at exorbitant cost.

At a times they are serviced in records without physical appearances at the service bay.

To add salt to the wound CMC, Toyota Kenya are holding over 100 vehicles belonging to county Government of Kitui for failure to settle maintenance cost.

These vehicles might end up being disposed by the said service centers to foot the maintenance cost as well as storage costs which is billed on a daily basis.

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