Governor Ngilu’s own setting of China


We are used to seeing the usual ‘Made in China’ Made in England, U.S.A etc in almost all products including your kawaida pencils considering we have graphite as a mineral in Kenya, cables, plastics etc. Which is as a result of brain washing by the westners in which case they made the Africans believe they were incapable of making their own creations regardless of the fact that they have all the raw materials.

In Kitui County however under the able leadership of our leader Governor Charity Ngilu she has defied all odds and helped the people of Kenya let alone Kitui in themselves and helped bring the quote ‘Yes we Can’ closer home where most recently we even saw THE NEW YORK times recognise what she had done at KICOTEC. An accolade that i must admit isn’t a small time win.

Kitui wine at standardization stage

In her Manifesto she promised to empower the women and youth as well as wealth creation, ‘My people will and must have money in their pockets’ she said at a time when she was advocating for the ndengu revolution.

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Ngilu holds on this jealously as it creates employment to Kitui youth and women as well instill skills and knowledge which positively impact their livelihoods.

Locally made seats and Ball all made in Kitui

In line with her vision for this County several products are at the moment in different stages of production ranging from testing, standardization to exportation. Some of these products includes leather balls and shoes, Local wines, Pharmaceuticals, local seats, hospital beds, concrete products etc

We all thought it would end at Kitui County Textile Centre, KICOTEC, but as it seems we are just about to introduce to the world a’Made In Kitui’ and guess what, we aren’t sorry about it.

Kitui pharmaceutical products

They say that necessity is the mother of innovation, and here’s the thing Mama Ngilu saw the need for self sustenance for her people and like any mother would, decided to go all out for her children.

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