The Infamous kitui’s 117.


In Kamba they say ‘ona munyambu wi mbwaa na ni witavaa’ whose translation would be ‘even the lion has nails and it gets pregnant’. Well that’s the story of Kitui people and the infamous 117.

A mere mention of 117 in Kitui town and her environs are all of a sudden clean and free of anything criminal related…..all I’m saying is that at that point in time we all become law abiding citizens, which has been better witnessed over the covid period.

This is the chief reason you’ll hardly find a face that’s not been masked up or a stall that’s not adhering to the gazzetted covid 19 regulations as this would amount to a criminal offence punishable by law.

If you’re in a pub or bar outside Mututho hours then hapo ndio utakipata cha mtema kuni, na huyu 117 ndiye mtema kuni babu.

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