Guys of the ‘kupewa’ sacco where you at?

Well guess what your favorite governor is one who believes in all work with no play makes jack a dull boy and she just decided that guys should play with products from their home ground.

While I’m well aware that the only alcoholic drink that we can brag ourselves of is Kaluvu which is the traditionally brewed beer well guess what we now have our own wines too. Boooy aren’t they fine and they have assorted flavors too ranging from honey to sugarcane and more

Oh well, young man look no further seeing as valentine is coming up, get her that beautiful bottle and chocolates, I’m sure it will help you find your way to her heart or God knows where, after all i wouldn’t know the desires of your heart,would I?

Ladies this would be a great replacement for that caprice……you know what I’m saying….hehehe. Let’s go play, shall we?

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