Kitui: Kenya power’s cartels are now on Katyethoka


Katyethoka turns to be Kenya power’s Kitui Branch newest cash cow.

The estate in Kitui town is the latest to get to the list of cash cows which list includes Resort area, Site among others.In dirty deals played in Kenya powers office junior officers under what is believed to be strict instructions from their bosses disconnect power to a specific area.

This is done with an aim to solicit kitu kidogo from area residents who make calls to try and get power back.”Utatafuta kachai nitafute mwenye anahusika na hiyo area” is their best phrase, failure to which you can even finish 48 hours without electricity.

Following public outcry we sought to get to the bottom of the whole cartel. Our attempt to get more communication from top management was futile as our calls/texts went un answered.

Last I checked Kenya Power was a parastal and the citizens are entitled to these services. I believe one Mr. Wanyoike who, last i checked is the Kenya Power boss in Kitui should provide answers and solutions to these menace.

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