Was Muthoka dumped or was it separation?


The Chief Officer of the very lucrative health ministry one Mr. Muthoka has been MIA from his office for reasons that the normal mwananchi can only be left to speculate.

At the office desk he’s claimed to be on leave attending to family matters, but hey, we all know what that means right? Considering that the Covid vaccine is here, to say but the least, the last thing you would expect is for an officer in the Health ministry to be granted leave and to make it worse the person left to hold forte is,no offense, so not fit to hold that office, not even on an acting capacity as is the position…..well, we can only ask questions, right?

On the other hand, word on the streets or should i call them whispers, claim that he was sacked for choosing to have his cake and eating it. I’m referring to the K-chic cake. So apparently this guy, has got dreams of becoming the next M.P of Kitui East, which i think they’ll just be that, dreams but then again,what do I know? Forgive me, I digress.

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So, his dreams apparently led him to bite the hand that fed him,and guy, just decided to kula alone and of course your guess is as good as mine, the bosses were not happy about it as he proved he couldn’t be trusted with more……he he he anyway they are just but rumors and we hope to get the true version of what really happened.

Anyone with more details kindly share with us, we are curious.

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