Tharaka: We are tired of Ngilu’s leadership


During the International women’s day held at Tharaka, the residents had no reason or rather the joy of celebrating womanhood as they had seen nothing worth celebrating from the one woman who is supposed to lead them as she had done nothing but screw them over, left, right and centre.

Hellena Ken, CEC Sports, Culture and tourism who was representing the infamous Governor Madam Ngilu, was forced to sing to the residents to calm them down as they had already started walking out on her.

Kitui Sports, Culture and tourism CEC, Hellena Ken Singing with Tharaka residents

Muthengi Ndangara who was a former in house member of the Governor’s NARC party and was a 2017 MCA aspirant described the Governor as being biased as she ignored the maginalised community (Tharaka). Mr Ndangara roasted His party leader for neglecting the community on development and employment. He was addressing residents at Ciambiu market inThagicu Sub county in Mwingi North Constituency.

Listen to Muthengi Ndangara

Oh well, (taking Mr. Ndangara as one of her children considering they call her mama) if he can describe her as so in broad daylight, we as the marginalised wapita njia can only sit back and watch because as it seems the chicken have come home to roost. As for Hellena Ken it seems it’s not a bed of roses as she may have perhaps thought, ama kweli mambo yamebadilika.

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