Kitui CECM promises to calm residents’ anger by giving them free bread and soda


Newly appointed Sport and culture minister, Hellena Ken found it hard to defend her boss after the crowd she was addressing turned wild.

During International women’s day celebrations held at Ciampiu in Tharaka, Mwingi North, residents decried neglect by the current regime minutes before turning uncontrollable.

Impassable roads, lack of equipment in nearby dispensaries, lack of water, were among key agendas Tharaka ward residents demanded Governor Ngilu to have addressed soon after ascending into power but over three years down the line, they still suffer from marginalization.

Muthengi Nthangara, a local leader who had vied for Tharaka Mca in 2017 under Ngilu’s Narc party ticket, pointed to Ngilu’s failures stating she would not be reelected in Tharaka having disappointed her voters by not fulfilling her manifesto.

Following his sentiments, the crowd was simmed up and could hear nothing from any officers of the county including their area Mca, Kithome Nthuri. Many had started leaving the forum when Kithome was addressing them and was forced to call Governor Ngilu’s representative, CECM Hellena Ken to talk to the wild crowd.

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The crowd would hear none of her sentiments and she was forced to call the same person, Muthengi Nthangara to calm the crowd down.”Kuja kijana, nimeona wakikuskia sana, kuja uongee nao,” pleaded Hellena .
It is at this particular point when she decided to begin preaching, to calm the crowd down.Soon after directing them to stand to sing to her songs, they immediately sat down and kept on urging them to stand and sing to the Lord, not her.

She immediately thought of another way of cooling the political temperatures and gave an assurance that they would get a loaf of bread , water and soda kadogo.

Hellena, who seemed to have panicked did not remember to address anything on Int women’s day but took to defending Governor Ngilu by saying they will level the grounds where the the event was held and bring water to Tharaka people before she quickly retired to her seat sweating and left the gathering almost immediately.

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After the event was over, the promised bread, water and soda would be distributed but under instructions.”Ukipewa mkate usichukue soda!” Looks like the reading of the Bible caused her to apply the tactics that the devil tried on Jesus after His 40 days of fasting.

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