Why Tharaka women make calls on top of trees and rocks wearing skirts


Tharaka ward women in Mwingi north, Kitui County unlike any other women make calls in one of the most uncomfortable ways ever witnessed.
In most parts of the country, making a call is part of life as it is done even at the comfort of the bed.

Esther Kanga, the pioneer of the Kirira rescue center for young girls fleeing from FGM and early marriages in Ciampiu, Tharaka,(yes there’s still FGM in this country) explained challenges Tharaka women undergo to ensure they make a single phone call.

“Ciampiu area is faced with terrible network challenge and we have to climb on top of trees or the rocks nearby to communicate using the phones,” said Kanga.

Kanga added that it is not easy for a woman to climb on top of a tree wearing a skirt to make a call.”According to the culture here, women do not wear trousers so we have to bear climbing tree tops wearing our skirts to make phone calls,”

Esther further narrated. She therefore urged the government to step in and sort the poor Network connectivity as it poses many threats to the community members including insecurity.

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