What is the meaning Kavindu’s win in Machakos?

Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama and his estranged wife Agnes Kavindu. [Source/Kenyatoday]

As Machakos residents prepare to cast their votes tomorrow, the Thursday of 18th March 2021, there are so many feelings and thoughts in the air with regards to what happens next considering that this campaigns have been marred with so much politicking, name calling and stuff. i would call it a battle of wits.

The greatest source of controversy, which started as an issue of the hustler nation versus the government’s machinery versus some other alliance,finally turned out to be about nyati wawili, i.e Kalonzo and Muthama whilst the grass in this case was and still is Kavindu. Truth be told regardless of the outcome, damage has already been done.

In this battle of wits, we saw governor Mutua’s candidate step down today and the race was now left to Kalonzo and Muthama. The saddest part in this whole fiasco is that there are children involved. That said, if Muthama’s estranged wife, Madam Kavindu wins the senatorial position it would put Muthama’s ability to lead the Kamba community in doubt, because as it seems this is a battle of who is the kingpin of Ukambani.

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The bitter truth is that Kavindu’s win will be a double blow to Muthama and his family who at one point ganged up against the mother.

Anyway, like I always say may the best woman or man win. We wish all the candidate (11 NO) the very best.

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