Why TARDA stopped Mwingi locals from burying the dead in their ancestral land


Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority have ordered Kithumuoni villagers in Mumoni sub county ,Kitui to vacate the land they claim to be their ancestral land. In an eviction note dated 16th Feb 2021, said following the end of a court matter vide ELC No. 148 of 2017 – TARDA Vs. Joseph Muli Mukuluta and others,the court matters started following the Authority’s efforts to evict illegal squatters from the property, amicably, it was not successful.

However, the piece further read that the court decided the matter in favor of the Authority on the 12th March 2020. The Authority was tasked with ensuring the property was properly demarcated and beaconed.

The letter further read that the demarcation process was hindered mid-way by the local community who became hostile to the Authority.

The defendants then applied for a stay of execution of the Orders. The court noted that the defendants had not filed an appeal in the mater. It was also noted that the Defendants hindered the Beaconing and demarcation process that the Petitioner was conducting.

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 Based on the above grounds, the Court dismissed the stay of execution on 18th June 2020.

The court then granted execution orders dated 3rd Sept 2020 also directing that the Regional Police Commander Eastern Region to provide security during the eviction.

“On that note, you are hereby notified to vacate the said property immediately.

Kindly be advised that failure to adhere to these instructions, the Authority will have no option but to conduct an eviction exercise to recover the property as ordered by the court.” Wrote the Ag. Managing Director, Emilio Mugo.

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