We are tired of drinking sewage water, Mwingi residents


As the world marked World water day, Mwingi residents had stomach upsets to deal with after consuming ‘contaminated water’ which they claimed is being pumped in water kiosks.

For three months now, the town has experienced acute water shortage and are pleading with the county government to step in and solve the menace.

“For the last three months, we have experienced acute water shortage and unclean water has since been pumped to our water kiosks which are opened for only few minutes before they close,” said Maliti Mengi, a local

Maliti further said that most water kiosks have remained closed and the water prices per 20litre jerrican have hiked from 2 shillings to 50 shillings.

“Our customers can no longer afford the hiked water and our business has been badly affected,”he added.
He further noted that the water pumped is unclean and has a foul smell once it takes two to three days in a jerrycan.
“Our stomachs have been aching after consuming this dirty water. We need fresh water from Kiambere else the county government should take up the responsibility and disband KIMWASCO” he added.

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