Kitui CEC Moves to end Kangaroo courts hindering justice for defilement cases in Mwingi.


In the latest efforts to end defilement cases that have seemingly targeted minors in the county, The Kitui Executive Member for Gender, Sports and Culture Hellena Ken on thursday toured Mumoni area in company of Christine Kalikanda for Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education.

The visit addressed the rise in defilement cases in the areas of Mumoni sub-county in Mwingi North constituency despite the efforts by the government to protect the community against pedophiles.

Residents are linking the unlawful happenings to the laxity of police and the local administration who are allegedly “bribed” the negligence that has seen many criminals walk scot-free after ruining the future of many girls.

The CEC discouraged local communities against protecting and hiding perpetrators of child defilement and said such people should be handed over to the police for legal action.

There have been numerous reports where elders and locally formed committees have been resolving especially rape and defilement cases at home and the perpetrators eventually walking free and committing more similar or worse crimes.

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