Interlocking block technology is working miracles for Kitui, CECM Katungi

Kitui CECM for Finance Ben Katungi at Mwakini Dispensary in Kanyonyoo, Kitui Rural today

The county is constructing the dispensary by use of the interlocking blocks.

Kitui has embraced interlocking building blocks technology as a way of promoting affordable housing and wealth creation. The initiative has seen among others efforts to embrace the innovative technology that will see the construction of low-cost but durable ECDE classrooms, water kiosks, health centres & hospital perimeter walls.

The technology involves the use of bricks that interlock with one another without the need for cement, water or sand as is the case with the traditional construction technology.

Addressing the area residents at the site,  Kitui CECM for Finance Ben Katungi said the county is using the blocks to create job opportunities for the youth and generally create wealth for the county and the people of Kitui.

The blocks are made at the Kitui County Youth Development Centre {KICOYDEC

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