County Government of Kitui set to Blast Poverty the Crusher Way


This evening, Governor Charity Ngilu met with a team from the National Environmental Management Authority, NEMA.

Informed by a letter written by Ms. Njoki Mukiri, the Kitui County director of Environment, Governor Ngilu sought to address maters compliance for the county owned crusher once and for all.

While NEMA is mandated to among other things, ensure promotion of environmental policies to support sustainable development, it beats common basic knowledge how the same officer, Ms. Njoki Mukiri, issued a NEMA license for the crusher on the 29th April 2021 but still went ahead and issued a letter purporting to ban any form of operations at the same site on 4th May, 2021 barely 5 days after issuing authority.

Well, the visit by today’s team discovered a tightly knit web of impunity ; within which the Yatta- Kwa-Vonza Member of Assembly, John Kisangau aka Mbaki Mbaki and the NEMA area director, Ms. Njoki Mukiri colluded to halt the crushers operations for their own financial benefit.

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Moving foward, in the meeting the following was agreed upon;

1. The letter dated 4th May 2021 written by one Ms. Njoki Mukiri purporting to halt the Ballast Crushers operations is hereby DECLARED NULL AND VOID. Therefore operations continue.

Note; The State Ministry of Petroleum and Mining and NEMA certificates had already been awarded prior to this letter.

2. The County Government of Kitui has undertaken to ensure the area that which the crusher operates will be fenced and properly demarcated.

3. ALL and ANY form of blasting within the crusher will be done in STRICT ADHERENCE to NEMA guidelines and all onlookers to stay clear of the site by a minimum of 100 Meters.

4. Due to the unscrupulous nature and intended malice by the NEMA officer, the County Government hereby demands an APPOLOGY IN THE FORM OF WRITING from Ms. Njoki Mukiri and IMMEDIATE TRANSFER of the same officer from Kitui County.

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Governor Charity Ngilu also fostered her commitment to ensure that her 5 Pillar Manifesto was implemented to the latter.

The team was Led by Mr. Stephen Njoka, the eastern regional director of Environment, compliance and enforcement officer, Ms. Anne Macharia and NEMA inspection Officer, Mr. Sheria Koiyet.

Also present were Trade, Investments and Cooperatives CeCM, Ms. Esther Kilonzi, Trade Investments and Cooperatives Chief Officer, Dr. Richard Muthoka and Mr. Odanyiro Wamukoya from the office of the Governor.

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