Machakos: We don’t want donkey slaughterhouse

Machakos: We don't want donkey slaughterhouse

Residents of Kithyoko in Machakos are up in arms over a decision by court revoking the legal notice no. 63 of 2020 which had banned the slaughter of donkeys in the country by the four known slaughter houses, among which is Fuhia located at Kithyoko.

The legal notice sought to revoke the slaughter house’s license and ban the sale of donkey meat even though it’s listed as one of the meats fit for consumption.

The citizens had complained of matters, water pollution, stock theft, raising insecurity and decline of the donkey species which they now say that the same concerns should have been addressed by the courts, failure to which they feel aggrieved by the same institution that’s meant to ensure that justice is served.

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