Once famous academic giant,Muthale Girl’s fails to impress again.

Muthale Girls' School 2020 K.C.S.E performance

Some once famous academic giants, Muthale in the Eastern region failed to impress in the 2020 KCSE examination after posting results that fell below expectations of stakeholders, despite abundant availability of learning resources.

While a school like Kitui School in Kitui County maintained its stellar performance and produced two straight A’s, in addition to being ranked the county’s best school, some schools previously celebrated for producing top candidates recorded average results.

The 2020 KCSE results also saw Lwanga secondary school and K school, top of county’s list.

Famous schools in Kitui County like St Angela’s Girls School, Chuluni Girls, Mulango Girls and Matinyani Boys have faded away and their places taken by new ones like Kisasi Secondary School, which had a mean score of 7.4 and ranked as the 3rd most improved school nationally

Muthale’s performance shocked many including the alumni.

Key among the issues that the alumni raised as cause of the poor perfomance was: improved school diet, permission to keep hair among others,where they were of the opinion that the girl’s lives had been made so comfortable for them to even remember they were in school to study. They were also of the idea that the idea of hair was quite distracting as more time would be spent on them trying to look pretty and stuff.

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Seems some rules have changed, we need to revisit” Mary posted on the alumni social media platforms

The school recorded A: 0, A-: 11 as top grades with C-: 7 and D+:4 as the bottom grades.

Mean score of 8.105, a slight improvement compared to 2019 where the score had a mean score of 8.102

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