A Mwingi school is facing possible closure

Dilapidated roofing of Nzambia Primary School almost caving in.

The residents of Mwingi recently evicted by TARDA are facing more problems besides being supplied with expired maize flour. As it turns out school going children might just not attend school as a result of the same.

The headteacher of Katithini primary school voiced his concern, where he said that only 84 students had reported to school since the schools opened where he attributed the lack of attendance to the evictions that had just happened.

He told Kituionline that considering some of the pupils had to cover more than 3km to just get to school, he was no longer sure of whether in light of what happened, they would even get to school.

The headteacher also alerted us to the fact that Katithini primary though started in 2014 still lacked proper documentation and was therefore not sure of it’s survival.

In my thinking the government should be last institution to cause a disruption and a violation of these children’s right, and whatever’s happening here ought to be properly addressed. The procedure for compulsory acquisition ought to be followed as no one is above the law.

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