We await nullification of the BBI ruling, Jane kibati


High court ruling on BBI has elicited a mixed reaction across the political divide as well as common mwananchi.

The High Court on Wednesday stopped President Uhuru Kenyatta from proceeding with the changes to the Constitution. Five judges declared the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) illegal, null and void.

Polititical divide is for or against based on which political divide one belongs to ie Uhuru (Kieleweke) or Ruto (Tanga Tanga)

On the side of the common mwananchi over 90% is with high court decision. Many have supported the decision as it has offloaded a huge budget that was going to BBI.

Jane Kibati, 2017 women rep candidate seemed to be in support of the BBI bill as according to her its benefits surpasses its limitation. According to Kibati only few clauses have issues, the gains surpass the limitations and Kenyans should await nullification of the judgment by the court of appeal.

This is a peace maker bill and should be embraced in equal measure” she tweeted

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