Kitui municipality is dead

Kitui municipality fails to deal with garbage menace


The Kitui municipality Management under the leadership of it’s manager one Job Muisyo has ideally failed on its mandate with regards to especially the issue of garbage collection in Kitui town and her environs.

The miniature mountains of garbage in many parts of Kitui town tell a story of a town choking in the trash and a legion of unmet promises by the authorities.

From the mounds of garbage in the estate’s backstreets and sewer lines, to the Marabou storks scavenging in the plastic that dominates each corner of Kitui, it is apparent that the ‘Mbee Nzei’ ideology is quite far behind on matters clean environment.

Kitui residents have had to put up with a string of broken vows from the management on how they plan on addressing the garbage menace that has plagued residents since time memorial.

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