Wrangles within Kinatwa paralyzes transport in Kitui.

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Wrangles within Kinatwa sacco as is known and the new Kinatwa prestige paralyzed transport at Kitui bus park on Thursday morning.

The two Saccos clashed over who should manage the Nairobi stage (afya centre) formerly controlled by Kinatwa Sacco.

Police were forced to use tear gas to disperse demonstrators from the Kinatwa Sacco (old) members and the Kinatwa Prestige (new) whose members were formerly those of kinatwa sacco. The two warring saccos have an ongoing court matter at the Kitui Courts over the same issues.

According to local residents the emergence of new saccos will end the monopoly in the matatu sector and thus encourage better customer service.

Wrangles ni kwa wakati mfupi, manufaa ni ya wakati mrefu” a concerned resident posted on social media

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