Protect us from wild animals or we kill them, Kitui residents tell KWS


Ilamba/simisi residents in Kitui south have told the Kenya Wildlife Service to stop wild animals especially elephants and buffalo from invading their farms or they kill them.

Farmers are counting losses following Friday morning after elephants attacked 3 farmsin ilamba sub-location.

According to local residents path used by these wild animals is well-known to them and therefore it should not be rocket science to KWS.

A local resident glanced at his farm from far, pointing to a section of the farm where a whole season’s harvest has been destroyed by marauding elephants.

For poorer communities in Kenya, however, protecting elephants is far from the top of their agenda, as the endangered animals stray from the wild, invade local homes and wreak havoc on agricultural produce.

These embattled communities have pleaded with the government to protect them from the marauding elephants, threatening to take matters into their own hands and kill the wild animals if the government does not step up its efforts.

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