Governor Ngilu’s Wealth Creation boost to Kitui Farmers


Kitui County has today received food processing machinery with a production capacity of 5 tonnes per hour. That easily translates to 40 tonnes in an 8 hour day, 200 tonnes in a five day week and 800 tonnes in a month. The Kitui industrialization journey is a reality.

Governor Charity Ngilu received the machinery delivered at the Kitui Foods plant located within the precincts of the Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) and will be used for tomato and fruits value addition.

Quality final products like tomato sauces, ketchup, tomato paste and fruit juices will now be processed and packaged right here in Kitui by our very well trained youth courtesy of Governor Ngilu’s monumental shift and focus on skills development.

Governor Ngilu made huge investments in Miyanda irrigation for Kitui farmers. In setting up the Kitui Foods plant she has gone a step further and created a ready market for the farmers’ produce.

Kitui farmers will pocket better earnings for their produce and be assured of a steady income from their self employment in horticulture.

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Governor Ngilu made deliberate strategic decesions to put some of the post COVID 19 recovery funds into investiments like Kitui Foods processing plant that will have a lasting postive impact on Kitui people.

The multiplier effect and the trickle down economics means that this project alone will serve to support several households in earning a decent leaving.

Machine operators, food specialists, production assistants, procurement officers, packaging and branding, as well as logistics officers are all employment opportunities for Kitui people.

The entire supply chain from suppliers of certified seeds and seedlings, planting, harvesting and delivery are all opportunities that will accrue to Kitui people from this investment.

In practical terms, Governor Ngilu is creating a pathway for farmers to have more money in their pockets. If this is not wealth creation, then what is?

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