Kuvasila thwarts new methods of charcoal transportation from Kitui County


Earlier today in an impromptu operation to crackdown illegal sand and charcoal transportation cartels using their new methods, County officers led by County Executive for Environment, Tourism and Natural Resources Hon Patrick Koki Musau closed Kanyoonyoo Barrier for an intensive checkup of all  motor vehicles which were using that road heading towards Matuu, and managed to arrest two lorries carrying sand and over 64 sacks of charcoal which mainly was destined to Nairobi in different vehicles packed in sacks ranging from three to five per vehicle.

During the crackdown, the County officers noticed that most of the charcoal heading to Nairobi and other Counties was mostly transported using Lorries, Matatus  (PSV) vehicles including Probox station wagons  and some with private vehicles.

It was also noted that sand was being harvested at the nearby rivers along Kitui and Machakos County boundary with the cartels alleging that it was for their local construction at Kanyoonyoo and Matuu markets.

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To this regard,  Kitui County Minister for Environment, Tourism and Natural Resources Hon Patrick Koki Musau has with immediate effect, issued a very stern warning to all people who are transporting either charcoal or sand using such kinds of means outside Kitui county even if is for their own personal uses that, any motor vehicle of whichever kind which will be nabbed carrying the two listed Kitui County natural resources (Charcoal & Sand) will be dealt with accordingly and face the law

He further cautioned PSV motor vehicles owners to warn their drivers and conductors to stop carrying charcoal for their customers from Kitui County forthwith and that any PSV vehicle which will be nabbed will be dealt with accordingly

The two lorries which were nabbed ferrying sand were taken to Kabati Police station awaiting to be arraigned in court while the charcoal will be taken to Kitui County charcoal yard at ATC for further action.

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The County Executive for Environment, Tourism and Natural Resources further said that the crackdown is going to be extended to all other Kitui County boundary exit roads to make sure that no charcoal or sand is being transported outside Kitui County.

Let any individual person, PSV drivers/conductors, private vehicles drivers/owners, Government vehicles continue ferrying sand and carrying charcoal in small bits at their own peril but take it from the desk of Kitui County executive for Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources that your days are numbered, very soon you will be nabbed and sternly face the law

The County Executive had been accompanied by Director for Environment and climate change Mr Fredrick Kimwilu, Inspector of environment Mr Isaiah Mutunga among other officers

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