Kitui: Kenya Power on the spot over dangerous poles and cables


Kenya Power Company is on the spot over cases of dangerously hanging electricity poles and cables in Mwingi modern market which is a looming danger to members of the public.

Mwingi residents are said to be in great fear of possible electrocution in the past five months.

“We don’t want action to be taken when we have lost lives, the earlier the better” said Mwikali, trader in the market

Market chairman, Mr Philip Mutemi told KituiOnine that the electric cables and poles are life threatening and accused Kenya Power Company of being slow in responding to residents’ call for immediate action to rectify the power lines on time.

We wish Kenya Power had quickly responded to calls by the residents of Mwingi market to quickly replace weak wooden poles with concrete ones and rectify the hanging power cables.

said Mutemi.

Kenya power should also connect the market with power, some businesses that rely on power such as kinyozi cannot set up.

added Mutemi.
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