Kitui ambulance, spotted in Nairobi


An ambulance belonging to County Government of Kitui was spotted in Nairobi on Thursday with worn out tyres.

It’s more dangerous for an emergency vehicle to have worn out tyres as they are meant to safe lives at high speeds

One would need to change car tyres from time to time. Once you notice some battered rubber, worn treads or air leakage on your tyre, you should get new ones. The real trouble with tyres is that they eventually wear out. This attrition occurs after regular use.

With a greater likelihood of losing traction and tyres blowing out, nothing is more dangerous than driving with worn-out tires. By doing so, you put yourself and others at risk. Whenever you notice significant tread wear, you need to immediately replace your tyres. So, as far as tyres go, there is no doubt that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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