MP Mbai threatens to undress Governor Ngilu

Kitui East MP, Hon Nimrod Mbai

Kitui East MP, Hon Nimrod Mbai has threatened to politically undress Governor Ngilu for ‘demoting’ Kitui East.

This comes a day after Eng Kakundi was transfered to Basic Education, Dr Muthoka transfered to trade. According to the legislator this is unfair treatment to sons of Kitui east.

It started with Eng Kimanga being moved from a CECM to a sewage servising superviser, then Dr Muthoka, a health expert being moved from the ministry of health to a mare desk warmerNow you have moved Eng Kakundi, the best Roads Engineer in Kitui from the ministry of Roads, Lands and Urban development to a TSC tac Tutor.

Said Mbai

You have all the powers, go ahead and practice your powers but remember Kitui East is the Head Quarters of The Ndee Nation and we speak fluently the only language you can listen to …..Kusaasa Kusaasa.

Mbai added

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