Mwalika in talk with Government for more administrative units

Kitui Rural MP David Mwalika at a past event

Kitui Rural member of Parliament, Hon David Mwalika Mboni is in talk with National Government for additional administrative units.

According to the legislator his constituency is expansive for services and government program to get to local people.

In this regard Mwalika hinted that he will be having an extensive conversation with Kitui County Commissioner to have some of his areas to be divided further into Divisions and locations.

Having more divisions and locations will bring Government services and projects close to the people.

It will create jobs as Chiefs and assistants chiefs will be recruited. I’m positive that these area will be gazzeted very soon especially thos time as we approach the electioneering period” said Mwalika

In Mwalika’s proposal Kwa Vonza, Mikuyuni, Kisasi and Mbitini will be divisions.

The districts of Kenya were divided into 262 divisions. Divisions of Kenya were further subdivided into locations.

Today’s counties of Kenya are based on the merging of some of the districts and since the divisions are one level under the districts they are now the sub-counties.

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This is because Kenya recently changed its constitution and 47 Counties emerged.

Districts were then subdivided into 497 divisions. The divisions are then subdivided into 2,427 locations and then 6,612 sub-locations.

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