Kitui: Parents urged to be attentive to their ‘Class 8 leavers’


Parents in Mwingi West, Kitui County are urged to be more attentive to their class 8 leavers as they await to join form one.

Chief in Kesovo, David Musili raised concerns over how parents handle their children as a burden and not caring whom they mingle or play with.

Jobius Africa

He said most of the parents would give their children excess freedom and that they do not care even in circumstances where the children sleep away from home.

“Most of these young children spend the nights at risky joints or clubs and parents do not see it as a danger since they regard as ‘nuisance’ at home,” said Musili.

On Covid-19, Musili  pleaded with the residents  in North Eastern region to stop dismissing Corona virus as a myth.

“This disease is real and is claiming lives. I personally know people who have lost their lives to this disease. Let us take care of our lives and those of our loved ones,

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“Let us observe the ministry of health protocols by washing our hands regularly with soap and running water, keep social distancing and wear our masks. There is no shortcut,” he added

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