Determination towards peace, wildlife conservation and tourism in South Kitui National Game Reserve


Hon. Patrick Koki Musau who is the County Executive Committee Member Environment, Tourism and Natural Resources today has conducted aerial surveillance in South Kitui National Game which is 1,883 square kilometers.

The exercise which has been conducted in partnership with Kenya Wildlife service under the National Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife aimed to survey clear boundaries for a cutline between Kitui County in Mutha ward and Tana River County.

According to Mr. Musau Governor Charity Kaluki’s Administration intends to do 143 kilometer cutline to resolve tenacious border dispute in the area.

“Governor Ngilu is keen on matters security and boosting tourism in this area for the sake of peace and development, for her people in wards bordering Tana River County” Said Mr. Musau.

Musau further explained the reserve is key in Kitui’s Tourism circuit especially now that the Kibwezi-Kitui road is tarmacked, and the excise as well assists in addressing issues of land encroachement and illegal grazing that threatens wildlife in the reserve.

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“Governor Ngilu is also wooing investors in this reserve which has investment prospective” said Musau.

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