Photo: Kasolo Caught Ogling Justina Inappropriately

Kamba based gospel artist Stephen Kasolo

Controversy is in the offing after Kamba songbird, Stephen Kasolo aka Kitole was caught staring at 2020 hit maker, Justina Syokau on what many may consider ‘inappropriate’.

While it may seem nothing more of a big deal since mean are always ‘staring’ at women, the angle at which the photo was taken screams inappropriateness and is sure to spark controversy among feminists.

For Kasolo, the photo is a classical situation where the camera points at the wrong place and a wrong time when he was having a well-earned eye-feeding moment.

This controversial moment occurred while Justina Sikai was on a video shoot for her new song.

But there’s more to all this seemingly innocent “checking girls out” when you’re first learning how to be a more attractive guy and trying to become less of what is commonly called a “Wussy”.

There’s a distinct difference between checking out a woman and admiring her from afar or up close.

It may seem like they are the same thing and in a way they could be BUT if you’re a guy trying to escape your “wussiness” and become a more attractive man then learning the difference can and will help you out a lot.

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Checking her out is like walking through a supermarket’s meat case and finding that perfect piece of beef.

Admiring her is seeing a woman you find attractive. You’re not trying to hide it. You’re not objectifying her. But it’s still full of controversy given that the two are public figures.

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