KITUI: A DCC Impacting the Society through Girls’ empowerment Program.


A government officer in Katulani of Kitui Central Sub county is advancing a personal program of sanitary towels distribution to schools and promoting gender equity to support learning in the area.

Katulani Deputy County Commissioner Shufaa Mwijuma is not an ordinary Kenyan. To mitigate the causes of poor performance, school dropout and advance the girl child dream to succeed in education, the DCC and a gender champion {Rachael – a Kenyatta University student} through support of friends have taken up the initiative to ensure they reach girls in the area through the program.

Data from the Ministry of Education indicates that a girl that is absent from school for four days in 28 days (month) loses 13 learning days, equivalent to two weeks of learning in every school term. In an academic year (nine months) a girl loses 39 learning days equivalent to six weeks of learning time. A girl in primary school between grades 6 and 8 (three years) loses 18 learning weeks out of 108 weeks. Within the four years of high school a girl can lose 156 learning days equivalent to almost 24 weeks out of 144 weeks of learning.

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Speaking during the visit, Madam Mwijuma said many girls continue to miss out on education due to absenteeism that is related to reproductive health issues as they are forced to stay away from school when they are not facilitated to manage their menstruation in many schools across the country.

On Saturday, July 10, the DCC alongside other mentor speakers reached out to 636 girls of Itoleka Girls’ Secondary School – donated sanitary towels and served them snacks among other stuff.

This initiative committed to promoting gender equality and the empowerment of girls as is enshrined in the Constitution has attracted other stakeholders among them the department of Gender who have shown interest to join the empowerment drive.

According to Mwijuma, increasing skills, self-confidence, and aspirations; encouraging girls’ schooling; and providing information and building awareness about gender issues and rights is a key focus in realizing true girl child empowerment in the rural parts of the country.

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“Educating your child is good – but educating the girl child is far much better. There is need to focus on educating the vulnerable adolescent girls in our society who face barriers in access to education”. She says.Ends…By Barrack Muli

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