Kitui’s Cow Business Sparks Controversy With Pastoral Communities


Kitui county’s recent venture into the cow business has sparked controversy with several communities founded on the Pastoralistic ways of life.

Among the people who have expressed their reservations on Kitui’s venture on the animal business include Narok County’s senator Olekima Ledama.

Speaking via his official twitter handle, the senator noted that Kitui county venturing into the cow business might leave the pastoral communities jobless.

“Kitui County Government in cows business …Sasa pastoralist watafanya Kazi Gani?” Read the senator’s post which lovely translates to ‘what will Pastoralists do now’

In a response to the senator, Kitui County governor Charity Ngilu dispelled the controversy noting that Kitui has some of the best animal farmers in the country. The governor responded on the controversy saying that Kitui has some of the best livestock farmers in the country.

“Kitui pia kuna wafugaji hodari sana wa ng’ombe na mbuzi. But more importantly our focus is to help the livestock farmer fetch better prices, improve the quality of beef and value addition.” The governor responded on her twitter handle.

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Governor Ngilu however noted that competition in business world is inevitable and the pastoral communities will have to deal with it.

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