Nancy Musyoka, deceased

Grace Kambua, Kitui East

Not that we are biased or anything but the death of our very own Nancy Musyoka just hit differently as it was closer home. The young lady who had tested positive for Covid had been asked to self isolate. She however developed complications and had to be rushed to the Kitui County Referral Hospital for treatment. She was required to be admitted at the ICU however this could not be done and was therefore referred to Kenyatta Hospital.

She also required oxygen which again was not enough to sustain her during the transfer which even took about 5 hours before it was done. The young lady who was even on family way died on the way to hospital and to be very honest someone or people need to be held accountable.

This is totally unacceptable and unforgivable. We have been raising the alarm on the negligence in that hospital and it just defeats justice as to why some people are still in office. The auditors who are always seen patrolling the hospital, what is it that you audit exactly?

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After the death of one of our heroes the Late S.C Nzamba Kitonga who needed oxygen but died on his way to hospital, the governor during his burial at Mutito, in Kitui East stood and said that we had a fully equipped ICU facility at the referral hospital. Today we have lost yet another one of our daughters, what will you tell us now, and how many more do we have to loose before you actually equip that hospital.

Governor, you pride yourself in improved health care but the contrary is true and the evidence speaks for itself…..our learned friends talk of res ispa loquitor.

With all due respect Governor we need accountability and if the county has become to big for you to manage, you might as well step down for someone else with the capability to do so.

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