Havoc As Machakos Matatu Owners Withdraw Vehicles from Roads


Matatu owners in Machakos county have withdrawn their vehicles from the roads protesting the alleged invasion of their routes by matatus from neighbouring Nairobi and Kiambu counties.

This move has crippled transportation within and out of the county as passengers remain stranded in bus stages.

This comes barely two weeks after transport activities in Kathiani town, Machakos county were paralyzed for almost four hours following strikes from matatu operators in the region decrying invasion by Probox vehicles.

The move by Machakos’ Mattatu owners has elicited a public outcry on social media with residents blaming the owners for being afraid of competition, yet they offer substandard services.

Kipkorir Arap Limo: “They should reduce fare and be deeply invested in comfort.

Don Lesley: “Is It an issue Matatu businesses is a free market competition where if you can’t match the competition then there is freedom of exit. Time and comfort is the factor in this Roads.”

Kasomo Wa Kasomo: “The appealing phrase here is ‘no one owns kenyan roads’. That’s true. However, Matatus do not operate in a vacuum. There are rules to be followed. One being that particular psv operate in specific routes. Which is good for the safety and convenience of passengers.

Francis Mutinda: “MACHAKOS MATATU owners should accept competition and move on , no one owns Kenyan roads I think it’s high time they will stop hijacking bus fares every weekend when there’s important occasion at Machakos town.”

Fred Ndunga: “That’s healthy competition. If they have paid for their TLB no issue! No one is limited to work anywhere! Embrace change and promote economic integration.”

Abed Laz: “Channia Sacco has been beating them 💯. The Kiambu guys charges reasonable fare, while those originating from ukambani wants to be despots on the road. My rural is makueni and I do prefer channia Sacco that any other. Very reliable and efficient.”

James Wekesa: “Majority of people are ignorant here. Matatus in Saccos have specific routes assigned to them by NTSA. So those protesting are within their rights to protest. It’s like telling us since all public land belongs to every Kenyan you can freely walk to the statehouse. There are laws to be followed.”

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