Substitute small water projects with one mega dam, Mukaa residents


Mukaa residents led by area member of county Assembly Hon. Eng Joseph Mukaa proposed to the Makueni County Government to consider financing one mega water project instead of several small water projects in the ward.

The water crisis/shortage refers to a global situation where people in many areas lack access to sufficient water, clean water, or both. In general, water stress is greatest in areas with very low precipitation (arid and semi arid), large population density.

The current and future water crisis requires multiple approaches to extending our fresh water supply and moving towards sustainability. Some of the longstanding traditional approaches include dams. Dams/Reservoirs that form behind dams in rivers can collect water during wet times and store it for use during dry spells. They also can be used for urban water supplies. Other benefits of dams and reservoirs are hydroelectricity, flood control, and recreation.

According to Muema Water department in the county spent approximately 5 million shillings for borehole plus 1 million for their maintenance annually in mukaa ward.

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“This amount of money can be used to finance one mega dam in my ward instead of concetrating in projects that do not benefit my people yet they cost huge amounts” Muema said

He was speaking during a public participation conducted by the County Assembly of Makueni at ABBC church Enzai.

Mukaa residents added that it was time for the Kivutha led administration to invest in local fruit seedlings as hybrid ones had proven not favored by the local climate

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